Aeris Resources Takes to Tritton with Renewed Exploration Vigour

Wally Graham - Resources Roadhouse - 20-Sep-2017

Aeris Resources (ASX: AIS) is currently working through a two year, $7.5 million strategic greenfields exploration program at the company’s 100 per cent-owned Tritton Copper Operations in New South Wales. 

Aeris Resources commenced the program in July 2016, which is exploring for deeper/concealed mineralised systems within the known Tritton and Kurrajong stratigraphic corridors. 

By using new high power electromagnetic (EM) geophysical techniques, Aeris anticipates identifying conductive bodies to depths of 500 metres below surface. 

Results will augment Aeris’ current standing as an established copper producer and developer with multiple mines and a 1.8 million tonnes per annum processing plant. 

In FY2017 the Tritton copper operations produced 23,404 tonnes of copper and in FY2018 is expected to yield 27,000 tonnes of copper from ore sourced from the Tritton and Murrawombie underground mines. 

Undertaking recent work at Murrawombie, Aeris proved the adage that sometimes things need to get harder before they get better. 

The company encountered more difficult than expected ground conditions in the upper levels of the mine, which impacted on forecast stope production. 

This led to a rethink resulting in a decision to change to a bottom-up mining method and continue decline development in FY2017.  

Although this did result in lower than anticipated production during the year, it also provided the opportunity for Aeris to undertake additional grade control drilling, delivering some exciting results. 

Grade control drilling identified a large high-grade zone in the mine’s 102 stopes, enabling the company to change its mining methodology from an originally planned bulk mining method through the whole orebody to a combination of low dilution, open stopes in the high-grade zone. 

This also had the added benefit of lowering costs via sub-level caving mining for the lower grade areas of the orebody. 

The first stopes under the new mining method were commenced during the fourth quarter FY2017 and the mine will ramp-up to full production during FY2018. 

Other work to be completed as part of the greenfields exploration program involved high power electromagnetic (EM) geophysics technology, utilising moving loop EM technology which can penetrate 400 to 500 metres below surface, compared to the 200-metre depth range of equipment previously used on the tenement package. 

An ongoing Moving Loop Transient EM (MLTEM) survey program is underway to detect for large Tritton-sized orebodies (+10 million tonnes). 

Known deposits within the Tritton tenement package are directly detectable via EM methods, such as those completed within the tenement package during the mid-1990s that led to the discovery of the Tritton deposit. 

The MLTEM survey has identified a sulphide rich component of the Kurrajong prospect, modelling EM conductors that extend to 500 metres, providing further confidence the technique is successful in detecting conductive bodies to depths much greater than previous EM methods. 

The survey has detected three new EM conductors, and confirmed the already known Kurrajong prospect. 

Aeris intends running a fixed loop EM (FLEM) survey over each EM conductor to refine the modelled plate spatial location and dimensions further to assist with prospect ranking and drill targeting. 

“The work carried out so far has really only scratched the surface of what we hope the revitalised greenfields exploration program will achieve across our Tritton tenement package,” Aeris executive chairman Andre Labuschagne told the Resources Roadhouse. 

“What we have seen to date, however, has been extremely encouraging and has strengthened our confidence in the prospectivity of this region. 

“We will look to build on this early success in the coming year. 

“Also on the greenfields exploration front, we have the very exciting IOCG anomaly to follow-up in FY2018 at the Torrens Joint Venture Project (Aeris 70%) in the highly prospective Stuart Shelf region of South Australia. 

“The Torrens anomaly has a larger footprint than Olympic Dam.” 

Aeris’ confidence is well-placed, especially with the copper price receiving a substantial upward re-rating during the first half of 2017, as the broader market took to a positive outlook on the supply/demand fundamentals for copper. 

Market commentary has continued to support this position with many analysts forecasting the copper market to move into a deficit position before the end of the decade. 


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