Live the Dream Life at Noosa

Alex Harris - Noosa 4 Sale - 20-Jun-2019
Well I’m glad that’s over. Regardless of the politics it is a relief that property and capital gains tax politics will not change in the near future. And with the election done and 
dusted, we can get back to business.

While not experiencing quite the drop in values of southern states, Noosa was impacted by exceptionally low volumes of property for 
sale, and a large portion of contracts terminating due to buy inability to finance.
From November through the end of the first quarter, it became touch-and-go as to whether a contract would stick as every other 
contract fell over, with some properties experiencing 3 contract terminations on finance, before we even got to valuation. 
Discounts were taken by exhaustion sellers, as savvy cash buyers took their opportunities.
Such opportunities remain. 
But with interest rate cuts, APRA loosening servicing requirements and government initiatives to boost first home buyer activity, now is the time to make your move – before the market kicks back into action; before you have buyer competition and exceptional value remains in the Noosa market.  

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