The Must Have Book for Anyone Involved or Interested in Australian Mining

Dr Andrew White - 20-Jun-2019

This book started life in 1984 at the Australian Mineral Foundation, sold out, reprinted in 2007 and is still the only complete single text that attempts to bring together all the key aspects of managing mineral exploration, with over 335 pages of helpful and informative information designed as a must read for anyone involved or interested in Australian mining. 

Exploring for new mineral deposits is an enthralling and challenging business based on science, finance and creative human endeavour. Discovery holds the promise of great wealth and benefits to society. Unfortunately, mineral exploration is also a very high risk enterprise, and failure is more common than success. For a long time, the industry has lived with a dismal average of one in one hundred exploration ventures finding a mine. This book is about managing the process of mineral exploration to minimise risk. 

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