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Four Key Reasons for Higher Commodity Prices in 2018   Gavin Wendt - Mine Life 28-Feb-2018

I believe that there are compelling bullish factors that will cause the prices of commodities to rise in 2018. Following on from a tremendously strong performance during 2017, there are four key reasons why I believe commodities will maintain their momentum during 2018.

Musgrave Minerals Drills with Standalone Intent   Wally Graham - Resources Roadhouse 28-Feb-2018

Musgrave Minerals Drills with Standalone Intent

Wally Graham - Resources Roadhouse  
Musgrave Minerals' New Years' resolution is simple enough: to maintain the flow of positive drilling results coming from the company's Cue project in Western Australia and define a resource capable of sustaining a standalone operation.
The Last Land in Noosa Heads   Alex Harris - Noosa 4 Sale 28-Feb-2018

History shows us that lifestyle locations are the ones that come back strongest after any kind of downturn. Because what made them desirable in the first place remains. That is the case with Noosa. Prices today are strong and rising. It is a very different market to what it was just a few short years ago.

The Last Land in Noosa Heads

Alex Harris - Noosa 4 Sale  
Over the past 5 years I have encountered a marked change in the manner in which wealthy investors have created their wealth, invested it and now protected it from all and sundry. This may be a result of their own divorce and re-marriage, or that of their adult children but the pattern has been the same. The old adage "what's mine is mine" and I want my money to go to who I want so, "when I die I want it to go this way".
This is the first in a regular series to be published in The Digger, out lining just some of the varied occupations and duties of the people that help to keep Australian Businesses running. If you or your company would like to be included in a future feature story please contact via email, Richard Hayles:
Competitive Company Culture to Keep Discoveries Coming   Wally Graham - Resources Roadhouse 28-Feb-2018

Competitive Company Culture to Keep Discoveries Coming

Wally Graham - Resources Roadhouse  
With fully-funded construction underway to mine Australia's most recent greenfields gold discovery, it would be tempting for a junior gold explorer to become complacent. However, having made its big, company making, Gruyere gold discovery Gold Road Resources (ASX: GOR) is determined to create a company culture that ensures discovery of such deposits keeps coming.
Who would have thought that a 1977 Holden Torana would be worth $260,000?
Recently at a Brisbane car auction a 1977 A9X sold for that amount, with those present saying that it will be worth even more next year, that's based on the fact
that rare and exotic vehicle prices have risen nearly 20% per year for the last 10 years.
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One Month FREE Trial Offer   Breakaway Research 28-Feb-2018

Breakaway Mining Research Daily and Weekly Reports

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Breakaway Research  
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The Environment is Driving the New Resource Boom   Dr Stephen Bartrop - Breakaway Research 01-Dec-2017

But Economic Factors Will Soon Take Over! There is a developing boom occurring in commodity markets and while it may have been led by lithium, and later cobalt, it will impact more common bases metals like copper, nickel, aluminium and tin.

The Environment is Driving the New Resource Boom

Dr Stephen Bartrop - Breakaway Research  
While it may have been led by lithium, and more recently, cobalt, it is also impact the more common base metals like copper, nickel, aluminium, zinc and tin. The upward movement in these prices has been partly driven by the market changing its perceptions on how quickly electric vehicles will penetrate the market and the realisation that with almost zero running costs and a lower purchase price in the future, it may be a lot quicker. More electric vehicles means an increase in demand for electric motors, batteries, charging stations, etc. and the metals that they require.
Michael Brown Continues His Piece on the Key Steps in Estate Planning   Michael Brown 01-Dec-2017

Following on from my first piece for the Digger, I thought it important to now move on to the key steps one should consider when dealing with the important issue of Estate Planning and how to pass family wealth to the next generation. So, remember think to yourself, what steps can I take now to protect my children (regardless of age) into the future.

Real Energy Corporation, Cheap Option on Large Gas Resource, Massive Upside   Stuart Baker - Breakaway Research 01-Dec-2017

Real Energy has a very large gas accumulation in the Cooper Basin, where appraisal in 2018 aims to establish commercial reserves. There are MoU’s with Santos to process gas, and with Weston Energy to buy up to 18 PJ over 5 years. None of this is receiving attention in the equity market and RLE is a very cheap option on the upside from reserve bookings and future development. Drilling and testing in 2018 could drive a multi‐fold re‐rating.

Gold Market Déjà Vu   Gavin Wendt - Mine Life 01-Dec-2017

Gold Market Déjà Vu

Gavin Wendt - Mine Life  
There’s an overwhelming sense of déjà vu as far as the gold market is concerned. Two years ago at almost this exact time at the end of 2015, we witnessed the first US Fed rate hike since 2008’s GFC – a 25-basis point increase.
New development Parkridge Noosa available through Alex Harris, Noosa4Sale   Alex Harris - Noosa4Sale 01-Dec-2017

It’s been decades since Noosa has seen anything like the development underway today.