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A Relatively Muted Response To Brexit Greeted The Market On Friday 24th June   Editors: Caroline Bain & Julian Jessop 25-Jul-2016

Capital Economics

A Relatively Muted Response To Brexit Greeted The Market On Friday 24th June

Editors: Caroline Bain & Julian Jessop  
Unsurprisingly, the prices of most commodities have fallen in the wake of the UK's vote to leave the EU.
The main exception is gold, which has benefitted from renewed safe-haven demand as well as the expectation that the uncertainty created by the UK vote could mean that interest rates stay lower for longer, notably in the US. That said, with falls of less than 5% on Friday, 24th June, the more industrial commodities have
actually outperformed other "riskier" asset classes.
Making Sense Of The Lithium Craze   Gavin Wendt 25-Jul-2016


Making Sense Of The Lithium Craze

Gavin Wendt  
It's the mining and exploration world's hottest commodity, with parabolic price rises amid a rush to find new sources of supply. Junior companies are joining the lithium club by the dozen seemingly every week.
High Quality Graphite

Breakaway Research: Walkabout Resources Limited

Breakaway Research  
Walkabout Resources' focus is on fast tracking development of its Lindi Jumbo Graphite Project. Results to date indicate excellent potential to delineate a high quality resource.
World-Class Resource Wakes Slumbering Sector   Wally Graham - Resources Roadhouse 25-Jul-2016

The Australian investment community finally took note of how impressive the Teena zinc deposit of Rox Resources actually is. All it took to shake everybody up was the release of a world-class Mineral Resource for Teena, placing it on par with the world's largest zinc deposits.

World-Class Resource Wakes Slumbering Sector

Wally Graham - Resources Roadhouse  
Move Your Money Into Property Now - July 2016   Alex Harris - Sell Lease Property 25-Jul-2016

Move Your Money Into Property Now - July 2016

Alex Harris - Sell Lease Property  
Proposed changes to negative gearing by Labor and to superannuation by the Liberal/National coalition have investors in a spin. In terms of property, the proposed super changes are the lesser of the two evils. But with a promise from Labor that the changes to negative gearing won't be retrospective, the time to act is now. This Month we have two properties that both offer outstanding opportunities if you are quick.
Gold Road's Simple, Fast Track Strategy to 2018 Gold Production   Wally Graham - Resources Roadhouse 25-Jul-2016

The Gold Road Resources story may be simple, but it remains, nevertheless, a very impressive success story. It is a simple success story, five years in the making that should take the companies Gruyere gold project from discovery to gold production.

After a long winter in the resources sector things are definitely turning around. It started with gold last year, this has continued, we have had the lithium "boom", and, what has been a bit of a sleeper, graphite stocks have given great returns this year, as explained in Mark Gordon's column.
Oz Metals - 57th Edition

Lithium-Ion Battery Market Booming In China

J-F Bertincourt  
Oz Metals, looks at the Base Metals and Precious Metals Charts from a couple of months back, to give a complete
overview of the market.
Wally Graham - Resources Roadhouse

Impact Minerals Is Well Funded To Expand Commonwealth Gold Project

Mark Mentiplay  
Impact Minerals has managed to achieve what any number of ASX-listed companies would have been very happy to emulate in the past 12 months
The Changing Face Of Sydney   The Digger 25-Jul-2016

With the current disruptions being experienced by Sydney-siders, it might be an opportune time to look at the changing face of Sydney's public transport.

Commodities Update

UK Vote For "Brexit" Not A Game-Changer For Commodities

Captial Economics  
The UK's vote to leave the EU has predictably undermined the prices of industrial commodities, including oil (which initially fell by around 5% in US dollar terms) and copper (-3%), while boosting those of safe havens such as gold (+5%).

However, these moves are already starting to unwind. Once the dust has settled on the shock result, Capital Economics suspects that the prospects for all these commodities will be determined by other, more specific factors.
Builds Tenement Portfolio To Support Technological Edge

Lithium Australia Was One Of The First ASX-Listed Companies To Realise Lithium's Potential

Wally Graham - Resources Roadhouse  
Lithium Australia's trademarked Sileach process is a hydrometallurgical method of recovering lithium from
spodumene, currently the primary source of hard-rock lithium production. This process aims to reduce the cost of producing lithium chemicals by recovering lithium without the need for roasting, an energy-intensive and expensive step required with conventional methodology.
Is Crowdfunding The Answer, Or Are We Opening A Can Of Worms?   The Digger 25-Jul-2016

Australia is on the brink of a business revolution we are told by the advocates of crowdfunding/crowdsourcing. Already available to investors overseas Australia is now putting in place regulations that would make us world leaders in crowdfunding. Crowdfunding appears to be a viable alternative to cash strapped companies.

Allan Trench & John Sykes' Latest Book Review   The Digger 25-Jul-2016

Plus you have a chance to receive a Free copy! There is perhaps no better time to release this book as a form of call-to-arms to the entire resources sector at both an individual and collective level to lift our collective games.

Strictly (Mining) Boardroom II

Allan Trench & John Sykes' Latest Book Review

The Digger  
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