How to do your spring cleaning, when you are a shareholder...

Veronique Morgan-Smith - 05-Oct-2020

Spring, for investors, is synonymous with AGM (for those who are new to this, Annual General Meeting).

The COVID pandemic has created an opportunity for the legislator to bring Corporations Act into the digital age and introduce changes to how the AGMs will be run.

But before we start talking about major changes to the law, this is for you, fellow investors, who like me, have forgotten to adjust your communications settings with the company you have invested in…

Ask yourself, how many of you will effectively read the paper booklet sent to you by post at great expense by the company (remembering that it has no pictures)? Personally, though I love a good book, most of the reading I do is on my laptop, on my tablet or on my phone. So effectively I do not need to be pulled kicking and screaming into the electronic age.

So this is my plan for the next couple of weeks for each company I hold shares in:

  •         fetch my shareholder ID,
  •         log into the registry’s electronic system; and
  •          change my preferences to receiving all communications, including the annual report, by email.

By doing so, I will help the company keep administrative costs down (and save trees!), and that is not an opportunity to be missed!

Veronique Morgan-Smith

Legal Corporate Services and Company Secretary


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