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Noosa 4 Sale

After 3 Years It's Time For A Change.

Alex Harris - Noosa 4 Sale - 08 May 2017


After three years in real estate experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly up close and personal as an employee of others, the impetus for doing something different was overwhelming. It is an industry that has a well deserved reputation. Oh there are good agents. But you have to sometimes kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince or princess among them. Having had my own horror real estate story with the sale of my home in Noosa in 2006, prior to entering the industry, I didn't think I could meet a worse agent than that. But I did. And they were just my colleagues. Everything you hear, is true. It is too often a culture of lying, cheating, forging, back stabbing, jealousy and malicious undermining of sales of other agents - and that's just within the one office.  That rampant self-interest manifests in the sociopathic well-presented slick-talking and charming agent who buys listings with too high an appraisal, and becomes a relentless bully in driving the price down to get a quick lazy sale.

It manifests in the self-promotion of agents for the dollar values they have sold, and made. And the smirk that goes with telling of how this client or that was an absolute idiot or loser. Never at fault, never giving a dime of their own coin to achieve a higher net outcome for the client, their’s is a churn-and-burn philosophy that results in a lot of quick sales.

The shiny exterior looks successful, but there is no repeat business to be had, no referrals on which to build a business.

And so they buy them. Offering sometimes $1,000 if you or anyone, would just give them a lead to get a listing, to make a sale. And therein is the key point of difference in how I conducted myself. Yes, this is in itself self-promotion - but my claim to fame is my level of referral business.

Real estate is not transactional for me. It is about relationships. Assisting others reach their real estate goals, treating people with respect, earning theirs, and building professional and sometimes much more personal friendships. Not even aware of the extent of the malaise I felt about my work, I just kept working harder. But as you and I both know, we really should be working smarter. And that brings me to where I am today, launching my own real estate agency.

Which is why after just one year selling real estate I won the RateMyAgent award, Most Recommended Real Estate Agent in Noosa.


Three years may not be enough experience to have all the answers, but it is enough to know there is a great need for a real estate business that is focused on the people it works for, not the commission it earns from them. It is enough time to know the kind of service I want to provide, the results I want to deliver, the kind of staff I want to attract, and the culture I want to create. It will change the way you feel about real estate agents; the way I feel about real estate agents too.

Welcome to Noosa4 Sale, also trading as Noosa4Holidays, a highly professional, straight-up, honest real estate agency dedicated to achieving client goals; maximising the sale result through strategic not blanket marketing of property, and delivering a higher level of communication and customer service than you have ever experienced before.

If you own real estate in Noosa, please know I have your back in selling or managing for permanent or holiday letting.

And if you want to own real estate in Noosa, you will not find a higher level of integrity from a remote agent in buying properties through me, or in my representing your interests as a buyer’s agent.

But don’t just take my word for it. See my previous client testimonials to know what is truly possible in a real estate business.

Featured Property:

Stylish Riverside Villa available to let for holidays, available 2017. See for more. Come on up to Noosa and say Hi.