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Sky Metals (ASX: SKY) is About to Embark on an Exhaustive Drilling Campaign

Wally Graham - Resources Roadhouse 04 Oct 2020

Sky Metals (ASX: SKY) is about to embark on an exhaustive drilling campaign across its portfolio of gold and copper-gold projects in New South Wales. Chief Executive Officer Mark Arundell ZOOMed into The Resources Roadhouse to provide an update on proceedings.

Post COVID we will need to pursue growth opportunities and innovate. Why is it so difficult for established businesses to innovate?

Robert Kay - Incept Labs 04 Oct 2020

To recover from Covid 19 businesses will need to explore new opportunities for growth but also be focussed on survival of their existing lines of business. To achieve this will require the development of and support for entrepreneurial cultures that can operate alongside their existing business culture focussed on delivery and survival.

Mining Technology Innovation - Recovery of Vanadium from Tailings Retreatment

Peter Rohner - Core Resources 04 Oct 2020

Investors are starting to consider what a post-COVID 19 world could look like and where the growth opportunities will come from. One area that is consistently mentioned in Australia is mining technology.

Central Banks are Fueling the Next Commodity Boom

Gavin Wendt - MineLife 04 Oct 2020

The world's central banks and governments continue to address coronavirus's economic impact with unprecedented measures. Just last week, we heard from the US central bank's Federal Open Market Committee after its September meeting. But the Fed's accommodative policy path has a price tag - inflationary pressures are rising, which is great news for commodities.

Macarthur Minerals is an emerging iron producer as it advances its one billion tonne Lake Giles Iron Ore Project

Breakaway Research 04 Oct 2020

Macarthur Minerals is moving forward with its Lake Giles Iron Ore project with the potential to secure rail and port access stepping closer. Other components of its BFS have been completed (e.g. resource upgrade) or have commenced with BFS completion expected 2H CY2021. However, given the substantial project resource size (1 billion tonnes), the confirmation of access to market is likely to stimulate increasing interest in the Company.
Is now the right time to sell or buy property? image

Is now the right time to sell or buy property?

Alex Harris - Noosa 4 Sale 04 Oct 2020

With all the predictions from the usual suspects of house prices plummeting 40% as a result of COVID-19, repeated more recently by the RBA, you could be forgiven for wanting to stay-put, regardless of your own circumstances. But a 40% drop is not what we are feeling, seeing or selling at in today's market in Noosa, nor what we are seeing for the Christmas/January market here.

How to do your spring cleaning, when you are a shareholder...

Veronique Morgan-Smith 04 Oct 2020

Spring, for investors, is synonymous with AGM (for those who are new to this, Annual General Meeting). The COVID pandemic has created an opportunity for the legislator to bring Corporations Act into the digital age and introduce changes to how the AGMs will be run.
GBM Resources (ASX: GMZ) - White Dam Gold Cooper Heap Leach JV Operations Have Commenced image

GBM Resources (ASX: GMZ) - White Dam Gold Cooper Heap Leach JV Operations Have Commenced

GBM Resources Limited 04 Oct 2020

GBM has recently announced three exciting developments in its strategy to discover and develop world class gold and copper deposits in Eastern Australia. All developments were at its White Dam Gold Operation (White Dam), located in South Australia, approximately 50 km west of Broken Hill. They involved the execution of a Joint Venture Agreement on White Dam with Round Oak Minerals Pty Limited, the successful completion and commissioning of a SART plant and the announcement of a maiden JORC 2012 resource of 102 koz.

Are you a Sophisticated Investor? And Why This is Important

Veronique Morgan-Smith 04 Oct 2020

This is where the concept of "sophisticated investor" comes in. This is not a new concept, but, in the light of the COVID measures screening and restricting access to foreign investment from the first dollar, it may be the key to accessing private funding from the domestic market to ensure the survival of a business. It may also provide some unique opportunities for investors looking to place their available cash in the private unlisted sector.
Why Would You Buy Anything Else? image

Why Would You Buy Anything Else?

Alex Harris - Noosa4Sale 22 Jul 2019

A decade on from the GFC and it isn't hard to see the value of property as an investment vs other asset classes. This property is a one-off, with polished concrete flooring makes for easy care kid-friendly living while 3m ceilings and massive glass stacker doors open the home for seamless light-filled indoor-outdoor living.

Galileo Mining Has Provided Its Investors Plenty to Smile About of Late

Wally Graham - the Resources Roadhouse 22 Jul 2019

The cashed-up nickel-copper-cobalt play hit its stride at the company's Fraser Range project in Western Australia.

Don't Miss This Opportunity

The Digger 22 Jul 2019

Tartana Resources Limited - Exposure to exciting copper projects with potential for early cash generation. Copper exposure is becoming important with the rise of electric vehicles, battery storage, new transmission technology and other green energy innovations which are highly copper-intensive.

Rare Earths Deja Vu

Gavin Wendt - Minelife 20 Jun 2019

History is repeating itself with a host of emerging rare earths plays being promoted to investors. Many of these aren't in any way ‘new' and have been around for some time. The bottom-line is that rare earths aren't ‘rare', and profits aren't easy to come by in the rare earths industry.

The Must Have Book for Anyone Involved or Interested in Australian Mining (1) (1) (2)

Dr Andrew White 20 Jun 2019

Andrew White's, Management of Mineral Exploration, order your copy to-day.(Limited copies left)

Australia has a long history and involvement with the development of solar powered cars

The Digger 20 Jun 2019

Solar pioneer Hans Tholstrup initiated the World Solar Challenge after he and the Perkins drove their home built solar car car called the Quiet Achiever across Australia from west to east in 1982. Inaugurated in 1987, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge showcases the development pf advanced automotive technology and promotes alternatives to conventional automobiles.

Expand your knowledge by subscribing directly to Resources Roadhouse

Resources Roadhouse 20 Jun 2019

Combine the Digger with Resources Roadhouse to get an even better understanding of the resources environment in Australia.
Price Charge Rattles Tassie Tin Prospects image

Price Charge Rattles Tassie Tin Prospects

Wally Graham - Resources Roadhouse 20 Mar 2019

Discerning market watchers would be aware of Venture Minerals as one of the Australian Securities Exchange's diversified exploration plays. Venture Minerals boasts a portfolio that includes a tin-tungsten resource at the company's Mount Lindsay project in Tasmania and the Thor Volcanogenic Massive Sulphides prospect in Western Australia.

How to Escape the High Cost of Living in the City

The Digger 20 Mar 2019

With research and clever timing it is possible to score top performing properties in the most unlikely of places - Australia's country towns. Your Investment Property finds out how to do it.

The Tale of the Resilient Metal: How Copper is acting more like Teflon

Gavin Wendt - Mine Life 04 Dec 2018

Copper's price resilience over recent years is a reflection of sound market fundamentals. Demand is being driven by both traditional and new-age applications, whilst the supply-side reflects challenges around a market that's heavily dependent upon ageing mines. I anticipate prices will recover and establish a base around $3.00/lb, which in my view is an important threshold that's necessary to encourage new mine supply.

High Peak Royalties Ltd, Leveraged to Resurgent Oil & Gas Industry Activity

Stephen Bartrop - Breakaway Research 04 Dec 2018

High Peak Royalty is a small but growing energy royalty owner that has recently completed an acquisition that will increase revenue and cash flow. It is exposed to movements in oil & gas prices. It is positively geared to re-activation of exploration and development activity in key permits. These are no-cost options on successful drilling outcomes and would drive the value and share price higher.

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Breakaway Research 04 Dec 2018

Breakaway Mining Research Daily and Weekly Reports

Expand your knowledge by subscribing directly to Resources Roadhouse.

Resources Roadhouse 04 Dec 2018

Combine the Digger with Resources Roadhouse to get an even better understanding of the resources environment in Australia.

ADX ENERGY LTD, Small Company, Big Plans

Breakaway Research 04 Dec 2018

ADX Energy has three potential company-transforming assets, in the appraisal and pre-development phase in Italy, Romania & Tunisia. All appear technically and economically feasible and are third party verified. ADX faces financial constraints and a key objective this year was to secure funds for drilling and in recent months has done so in respect of Romania & Italy. If imminent farm-out in Tunisia is successful, then ADX will have a three well drilling program in 2019, which should materially support its development plans, and catalyze the share price.

Why Gold is Approaching a Bottom

Gavin Wendt - Mine Life 09 Oct 2018

I remain very bullish on gold and silver short, intermediate, and long term. Recent price gyrations appear to have nothing to do with long term fundamentals pertaining to gold and silver, but are likely the result of short-term trading, especially the positioning of the US dollar as the current safe-haven of choice. Thus, the recent sell-off will in time will come to be seen as a substantial buying opportunity. I anticipate gold will recover to trade between $1250 and $1350 over the next 12 months.

The Must have book for anyone Involved or Interested in Australian Mining (1) (1) (2) (1)

Dr Andrew White 09 Oct 2018

Andrew White's, Management of Mineral Exploration, order your copy to-day.(Limited copies left)