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Post COVID we will need to pursue growth opportunities and innovate. Why is it so difficult for established businesses to innovate?

Robert Kay - Incept Labs - 04 Oct 2020


To recover from Covid 19 businesses will need to explore new opportunities for growth but also be focussed on survival of their existing lines of business. To achieve this will require the development of and support for entrepreneurial cultures that can operate alongside their existing business culture focussed on delivery and survival.

Building a capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship is a perennial challenge for many organisations even before Covid has put the very survival of those businesses in question. The structures and processes that make organisations efficient and effective in serving their current markets are often the opposite of what's needed to innovate. The innovative organisations that will prosper in the post Covid economy will be those learn to balance the need to exploit their assets to survive while recognising, the need to explore new opportunities. Robert Kay from Incept Labs outlines this challenge in the attached video.

Robert Kay is co-founder & Executive Director of Incept Labs, a boutique research consultancy that helps organisations identify the tools, resources, and processes they need to embrace innovation. They apply sophisticated futuring methodologies to the identification of potential value pools, enabling organisations to invest in strategic options of the future.