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About the Digger

The Digger supplies a free monthly web-based newsletter providing a wide range of research and commentary on the Australian resource sector.

The Digger draws upon research from Australia’s leading resource analysts and endeavours to identify research contributions that provide investment ideas rather that “maintenance research”.


Investors who invest in the Resource Sector are as diverse as the population of Australia, coming from all walks of life and all income groups.

The Digger takes the population spread of Australia and fine tunes it to the resource investment market

This allows, the Digger to reach the highest concentration of investors without any distribution wastage.

Advertising Overview

Trying to reach the sophisticated resource investor with information on the Australian Resource sector has up until now been extremely hard.

However by drawing on the expertise and proven track records of a number of varied expects in the fields of equities research, funds management, capital raising, stocks and share brokering plus selected experts in specialized fields, the Digger can reach this sophisticated investor for you economically.